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Load Trailers (E.A.) Ltd was established in 1954 as a family business which has been the pioneer of manufacturing Fuel Tanks for the transport industry in Kenya and is currently run by its 3rd Generation. Over the last 50 years we have kept our clients constantly moving by offering a versatile product lineup designed for a wide variety of transportation needs covering the entire range of trailers, fuel tanks, tipper bodies and truck bodies.

We endeavor to meet all our customer requirements even for customized products with fast innovative designing offering the most cost effective solution.

BEWL currently has an 80,000 square feet eco-friendly manufacturing plant along Road B with a workforce of 100 people. We work very professionally with a designing room where all our designers brainstorm and come up with the most innovative and professional design solutions that are designed on AUTOCAD with stress analysis done on software such as ANSYS before the manufacturing is started. Our manufacturing system is set up in a very organized manner comprising of a fully fledged cutting, bending and rolling section where all our sheet metal preparation is done. We have installed an ample variety of the latest CNC machines which are growing in number regularly with newer and higher capacity machines to enable us to speed up production and accomplish professional end products.

Our assembly area boasts of state of the art assembly lines where all our tanker, trailers, tipper, and truck bodies are fitted together. Throughout the assembly process quality checks are continually performed by our quality control inspectors who take care of any type of workmanship slip seen on the production line as the product passes from one stage to the next in the manufacturing process. Once the product has completed manufacturing it undergoes thorough surface preparation before entering the spray booth where the final painting is done. Once the painting has been completed final dressing is done followed by a PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) through our checklists which are marked at the time ensuring that the product is ready for delivery to the customer.

We at BEWL are committed to keep moving in one direction – forward!

Our Mission

To respond to our customer’s transport requirements with highly economical, top-quality and innovative products in the quickest lead time.

Our Vision

BEWL has a rapid growth potential towards being the largest manufacturer of its products in the region of East and Central Africa.

Customer service

We are there for our customer’s requirements especially when they are in need of all types of spares for our products and we cater our clients with efficient after sales service.

We heed all new orders and after sales service with the same emphasis in terms of quality and target completion times to ensure clients run their products to full efficiency and meet all their contract time requirements of which is our objective to strengthen customer relations and support.

Key Clients

BEWL Key customers include all the mainstream transporters, Depot and Petrol Station owners within the East and Central Africa region.